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An Anxious Morning, A Gentle Reminder

I woke up feeling intense anxiety today. The kind that leaves my heart racing, my head spinning and my hands shaking. I’m not here to preach ‘simple solutions’ or ‘quick fixes’ to what is a very complex and personal problem, but I wanted to share what’s working for me, in case you need a bit of help today, too.

Dear Self-Doubt: You’re a Load of Shit, and Here’s My Evidence

They say the only way you truly grow is when you step outside of your comfort zone. I did that recently, and no prizes for guessing that it taught me a lot. Mostly: self-doubt can do one. I’m so over feeling shit about myself.

How to Ask for Quotes for a Blog Post (+ free email template)

Learn how to ask for quotes for a blog post and get a free email template to help you with your outreach. This is my own tried and tested method that works like a charm every time.

Freelance Heroes Day: An Apology, A Promise and A Plan

My anxiety is preventing me from attending Freelance Heroes Day this year, but I’ll be there in spirit. This is my apology, my promise and my plan. I’ll be there in person next year. Just you wait and see.

How to Write a Powerful Headline for Your Blog Post

Learn how to write powerful headlines with these 4 quick and easy-to-follow tips.

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