Launching a Membership Community, with Julia Day

Ever considered launching a membership community? It can be a smart option for freelancers who are interested in building long-term relationships and nurturing leads. Learn more about what’s involved from my chat with Julia Day, founder of The Independent Girls Collective.

Standing for Something, with Mac&Moore

Does your business have a mission? Something you’re striving to achieve that goes above and beyond you and your clients? I spoke to Jess MacIntyre, co-founder of brand marketing agency Mac&Moore, about the manifesto they’ve recently launched in support of equality.

An Anxious Morning, A Gentle Reminder

I woke up feeling intense anxiety today. The kind that leaves my heart racing, my head spinning and my hands shaking. I’m not here to preach ‘simple solutions’ or ‘quick fixes’ to what is a very complex and personal problem, but I wanted to share what’s working for me, in case you need a bit of help today, too.


Honest talk about the realities of freelance life, with friendly tips and advice I’ve picked up along the way.


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Chats with awesome freelancers who are doing cool stuff to market and grow their businesses.

Advice from Women in Business

Advice from Women in Business

I asked for advice from women in business to celebrate International Women’s Day 2018. From finding your tribe to charging what you’re worth, these 16 online business owners have learnt from experience.

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