Writing for Lucidpress:

60% more page views in just 9 months!

I’ve been working with Lucidpress (a browser-based publishing app with over 3 million users) for over a year now. This case study explores the project we tackled together in 2017.


Discover how a team of freelance SEO writers helped Lucidpress scale their content creation efforts and increase page views by 60%. 

Lucidpress achieved outstanding results in just 9 months, demonstrating that outsourcing to freelancers can certainly pay off.

Lucidpress faced an age-old problem: too many ideas, too little time. The marketing team knew exactly what they wanted to achieve and they’d set out a clear path to getting there. Somewhat frustratingly, they just didn’t have the manpower to make it happen.

At least not in-house, anyway.

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve been there.

You know how frustrating it feels when you’ve got big plans and tons of smart ideas for content, but you just can’t find the time to make them happen.

Thankfully for Lucidpress, Senior Content Marketing Specialist Karla Renee had worked with freelancers before. Karla knew that – with the right writers on board – the team could meet their SEO publishing goals without sacrificing content quality.

I interviewed Karla to find out exactly how she pulled it off with such success.

But first, a little about Lucidpress.


About Lucidpress: a design tool for everyone

Lucidpress is a browser-based publishing tool that enables users to create stunning print and digital content.

You can use it to create brochures, flyers, magazines, business cards, presentations and more.

Think Microsoft Powerpoint – only way, way better.

The design and layout app was launched in October 2013 by Lucid Software, a company co-founded in 2010 by Computer Science student Ben Dilts and former Google executive Karl Sun.

Lucid Software is a thriving and profitable business that now has over 260 full-time employees. Lucidpress, one of two flagship products, has over 3 million users and counting.

Karla has worked as the Sr. Content Marketing Specialist at Lucidpress since June 2016. She’s responsible for researching, producing, editing and publishing SEO-optimised content.

The challenges: a lack of internal resources

In 2017, the marketing team at Lucidpress set out to give their SEO program a serious boost.

With a new SEO manager on board and a plan to publish over 200 new templates and landing pages in the coming months, the team needed to overcome an all too common problem: They just didn’t have the resources to hire an entire content team locally.

Up until this point, Karla had been responsible for producing all of the site’s content herself. Understandably, this meant that progress was very slow. Karla often felt like the bottleneck, and because she spent almost all her time writing, she had little opportunity to think about strategy and future planning.

We all know what that feels like, don’t we?

At risk of burnout and with the rest of the team sacrificing their own responsibilities to help out, Karla needed a solution – and fast.

The solution: hiring a freelance SEO writing team

In January 2017, Karla built a team of freelance SEO writers. The aim was to substantially increase both the free template gallery and the amount of content on the Lucidpress site.

Working with the SEO manager to create a job listing and a test project, Karla began fielding applications.

Lucidpress is a branding and design tool. The organisation promotes consistency and quality, so it was especially important that its own high standards were upheld.

With that in mind, Karla searched for talented, versatile writers with a strong understanding of how to write for the web.

My input: Sophie sets the bar

As Karla’s ‘most trusted writer’, I’ve  worked on the freelance SEO team from the beginning.

It’s been a pleasure to work for someone as organised and efficient as Karla. I’ve learnt a lot and I’m thrilled to have contributed to such a successful ongoing project.

Karla says:

“Sophie has been indispensable to me. She is my most trusted writer, and I know that any assignment I give her will be completed on time and with expertise. I have on more than one occasion shared Sophie’s writing with other freelancers as an example of what to aim for. In that way, you could say she really sets the bar.”

Karla Renee

Senior Content Marketing Specialist, Lucidpress

The results: scaled processes and a staggering outcome

With the help of it’s freelance SEO writing team, Lucidpress saw an increase in page views by almost 60% in just 9 months!

In January 2017, Lucidpress’s template gallery earned 265,000 views. In September – just 9 months after hiring the team of freelance SEO writers – the gallery earned 454,000 page views. That’s an increase of almost 60%! Karla has no doubts that the freelance writing team contributed heavily to this rise.

“Thanks to this team, we have scaled our content creation efforts far beyond anything I could do on my own. Lucidpress’s template gallery has grown by leaps and bounds, and we’ve published dozens of landing pages for both paid and organic search marketing. Because of the time saved, I have been able to pursue my own personal development goals, focusing more on strategy and analytics. This experience is preparing me to take the next step in my career: moving into a content management role.”

Helping content marketers achieve more

There’s nothing that pleases me more than knowing I’ve helped a client progress.

To hear Karla talk about being able to pursue her own development goals because of the help I’ve given her: that’s the kind of thing that gets me out of bed in a morning.

It’s my “Why”, y’know?

In everything I do, my goal is to help content marketers achieve more.

Hire a freelance SEO writer who gets results.

I asked Karla how she’d describe me in three words and she said she only needed two:


To discuss how I can help you achieve your SEO goals,

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